Solid Wood Dining Chair factory
  • Automatic Edge Banding Machines
    Automatic Edge Banding Machines
    Capacity: 16000m edge banding/8hrs Advantage: Flexible, Easy Operation, Multifunctional Automatic Edge Banding Machine Introduction: Single-sided and double-sided edge banding machines  are designed to process a wide range of materials with absolute precision and flexible production Feeding spe...
  • Automatic Panel Saw
    Automatic Panel Saw
    Capacity: 300 pcs(1.22m*2.44m)/8hrs Advantage: High utilization rate, High cutting speed, High precision, Low noise level Automatic Panel Saw Introduction: A high-performance saw this is absolutely ideal for producing larger quantities in finish cut quality- reliable, precise and highly product...
  • CNC-Processing Center
    CNC-Processing Center
    Capacity: 900pcs/8hrs Advantage: POWERCONTROL System, Precision drilling CNC-Processing Center  Introduction: Used for digital production and processing of drilling, grooving, and milling Processing range: 3250mm*1250mm*100mm Before and After
  • Veneer Splicer Machine
    Veneer Splicer Machine
    Capacity: 24000m/8h Advantage:  Naturally, Efficiently and Durably. VENEER SPLICER MACHINE Introduction Used for the gluing together of a single veneer sheets The thickness of this machine is 0.3-2mm, width is 50-1500mm, and the length is 300-3000mm Before and After
  • Wide Belt Sander
    Wide Belt Sander
    Capacity: 1500m2/8hrs Advantage: Bright finish, Smooth and flat Wide Belt Sander Introduction: Sander can be used for Furniture surface grinding, Primer fine grinding, and Grinding treatment of high-light finish paint before polishing Before and After
  • High Frequency Framing Machine
    High Frequency Framing Machine
    Advantage: Automation, High-efficiency heating, Precision bonding, Sterilization High-Frequency Precision Framing Machine Applies high-frequency heating, it is suitable for fast and bulk gluing wooden or MDF frame Before and After
  • Automatic Polishing Machine
    Automatic Polishing Machine
    Capacity: 300m2/8hrs Advantage: Bright finish Automatic Polishing Machine Introduction: Automatic polishing of baking varnish Applicable to various linear materials such as solid wood and MDF Before and After
  • CNC wood lathe
    CNC wood lathe
    Capacity: 400pcs (300mm)/8hrs Advantage: High twin tool rest, MIT High precision system, Multiprocessing Auto Feeding CNC Wood Lathe Introduction This machine is with CNC system control, suitable to make Table leg, Chair leg, Stair handrail, Baseball bat, etc. manufacturing. Before and After
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